Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Script to Finished Page...

So heres a little behind the scenes look at how the process of Emery falls is made. Enjoy.

First up we have the script. Usually what I do with a script when I get whether its something I've written or work from another writer, is read over the script while making thumbnailed drawings off to the side as I invision the scene happening on the page.

From there I'll start drawing the page. I know it looks like Ive skipped a step and forgot to show the pencils of the page, but I usually do all my detail in the final inks so I dont really mess around to much with very tight pencils unless its something I know that I can do better there than when inking.

After the inks had dried and I've scanned the page into the computer, Im ready to start toning the artwork. I use a really old version of Photoshop that I've had for years to tone my work. Usually what I'll do is place down a layer of one solid grey tone, multiply that layer, and then go in and use the burn tool to add depth to the piece.

With this specific page I wanted to make the room look very smokey like they've been in there a while doing a lot of drugs. So to make sure I didnt screw it up I saved the page first as pg.4 - colored, then made a copy of it and played with adding the smoke on that one. You learn sometimes its wiser to do a lot of multiples then to actually experiment with things on the original, because you mess up that original, you've gotta start all the way over.

After I feel like I've accomplished what I've wanted with the page, I then pass it off to my fellow friend/designer/letterer - Nathan Morris. I send him a file of the page along with the script and he goes in and adds the letters.

And there ya go. The first of many behind the scenes look at the making of EMERY FALLS!
Hope you've enjoyed!

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