Friday, January 11, 2013


Way back in 2009 I developed EMERY FALLS for a mini anthology series with a group of local comic enthusiasts. The initial idea was a comic that had six creators telling their story in six to eight page increments. Like most ideas with people, it later got complicated due to people butting heads or others lack of turning pages and stories in on the scheduled timely basis. I managed to get about two issues into the anthology myself, around the first twelve pages of the comic before I found myself falling behind too. I managed to catch up, but with the amount of pages my story told if I had published the following six pages in the next anthology, I wouldn't really have had much story to show off when I collected all the pages together into the one finished book. So I backed out of the anthology, which worked out fine because by then the series had already started to fissile out and I debuted my one-shot comic of EMERY FALLS at DragonCon'09.

I was extremely proud of the character and concept, but looking back on it later realized it lacked a lot of story outline, which was my own fault due to the fact I was thinking more in terms of leaving it at six to eight page cliffhangers instead of flushing out a story that made more sense. Needless to say, the years have past and though Ive been working on other projects, every once in a while when I get an idea in my head I like, I always go back to EMERY. Ive even written a few additional stories for her that I never tried to start. But I can't hold off any longer so for the past few months I've taken all the notes, all the stories, all the sketches on papers, notepads, and sketchbooks, and compiled them all together and sat down to flush out this wonderful idea that's SIN CITY meets CONSTANTINE. And once I debut the revamped comic project and unleash it upon the public, I hope you will join me on the weird and crazy ride I have in store for this character~

Friday, September 11, 2009

The First Emery Review Is In...!!!!

go here:

The Strange Tales of Emery Falls – Review

Issue: The Strange Tales of Emery Falls
Writer/Illustrator: Jason Flowers
Letters/Logo: Nathan Morris
Publisher: Black Thumb Press
Release Date: 2009
Pages: 32
Price: $5.00

“The Strange Tales Of Emery Falls is a story that chronicles the adventures of Emery Falls as she faces all sorts of crazy situations and evils. In this twisted tale are heroine is on a mission to get back a kidnapped unicorn from a mistrusting group of drug dealing werewolves.“

Artwork: 3.7 out of 5
What a strong solid effort on the artwork in this issue. I felt every panel was nice and crisp. I think that at times the shades of gray started to get jumbled but as a while it worked very well. The characters remained the same from panel to panel and some really stood out to me. The cover image alone is my favorite and I can see why it was chosen. Very cool work.

Story: 3.6 out of 5
Okay now there are two sides to this part of the review. Basing it on the story that was presented it was very solid. From start to finish the dialogue was clear and it kept my attention. Moved at a faster pace but it was an action issue so all is good. My gripe is that I have no idea who these characters are. For a first issue I was left in the dark on them. Now I’m cool with what went on but I would have maybe liked a page of back story at the beginning just so I know whats going on.

Dying Breath: 3.7 out of 5
This is a good first issue. While I had my gripe with no back story, what was presented to me held my attention and made me want to know more. The artwork was very cool and I think that there is easily something here to jump on board with. Some minor rough edges can be touched on but overall the creative team has my full support. Very cool start guys.

If you would like to know more about or buy The Strange Tales of Emery Falls go to or

Monday, August 24, 2009

Its here...

Yep. You guessed it! I'll have both covers available at DragonCon (Sept.4-7th). Red ($5) Sketch ($10)...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Script to Finished Page...

So heres a little behind the scenes look at how the process of Emery falls is made. Enjoy.

First up we have the script. Usually what I do with a script when I get whether its something I've written or work from another writer, is read over the script while making thumbnailed drawings off to the side as I invision the scene happening on the page.

From there I'll start drawing the page. I know it looks like Ive skipped a step and forgot to show the pencils of the page, but I usually do all my detail in the final inks so I dont really mess around to much with very tight pencils unless its something I know that I can do better there than when inking.

After the inks had dried and I've scanned the page into the computer, Im ready to start toning the artwork. I use a really old version of Photoshop that I've had for years to tone my work. Usually what I'll do is place down a layer of one solid grey tone, multiply that layer, and then go in and use the burn tool to add depth to the piece.

With this specific page I wanted to make the room look very smokey like they've been in there a while doing a lot of drugs. So to make sure I didnt screw it up I saved the page first as pg.4 - colored, then made a copy of it and played with adding the smoke on that one. You learn sometimes its wiser to do a lot of multiples then to actually experiment with things on the original, because you mess up that original, you've gotta start all the way over.

After I feel like I've accomplished what I've wanted with the page, I then pass it off to my fellow friend/designer/letterer - Nathan Morris. I send him a file of the page along with the script and he goes in and adds the letters.

And there ya go. The first of many behind the scenes look at the making of EMERY FALLS!
Hope you've enjoyed!

The Original Emery Concept Design...

So here she is, the very first rough drawing I EVER did for Emery. I originally thought it'd be cool to have her hair come down over her eyes to where you never saw them, but after drawing this piece, I abandoned that thought completely. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Beginning...

HELLO! Welcome to the new blog made specifically for Emery Falls! Here I will be blogging everything from new pages, sketches, and any news surrounding the Emery Falls series as it develops. Stay tuned and thanx for stopping by! -jasn